the dimenium

same same, but different.


Since 2001, the DIMENIUM has produced projects in the digital world from the very first idead to the ready to use product, to go beyond client expectations and to surprise people.

DIMENIUM CREATIVE LAB. is creative director Stefan Petschinka´s cologne based production studio for mixed media, design and animation techniques, Founded in 2001.

Stefan Petschinka started as a design hungry on air promotion producer for german tv stations RTL  and Super RTL. He produced on air promotion trailers and campaigns for The Formular 1, the UEFA Champions League and others. In the following years, his output focused on visual packaging, on air design and Tv showopeners.

DIMENIUM'S clients include a broad variety of brands and industries, e.g.: vodafone, questback, encanto, Ross & Rind, RTL creation, savoy hotel cologne, bundesliga (DFL), international campaign for tibet, vini diretti, AZ media and others.
DIMENIUM is positioned as a full service media production agency, supporting clients throughout the whole creative process from the very first idea to the ready-to-use product.

What we do

we can do this and that, but mostly we are your creative direction in an interdisciplinary world.

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